Thrivin’ Magazine is now open for SUBMISSION!

So if you want to write about anything around fashion, music, arts, and lifestyle, now it’s the right time! Go ahead submit your writing and let it got published on our website. Let people know what goes into your mind, your thoughts about current issues, and even your recommendations of things.

Thrivin’ Team

  • Submission should be in Bahasa Indonesia or English.
  • Essay or Creative Writing should be 250 – 1500 words in length.
  • The topic can be about Fashion, Music, Art, or Lifestyle.
  • We are open to different formats (example: Photo Editorial, Photo Essay, and Short Video).
  • Photo size max 5 MB for each photos and video size max 75 MB.
  • Email your writing to with the subject: “SUBMISSION
  • Don’t forget to attach a photograph of yourself and a short bio in the email.
  • Multiple submissions are accepted.
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