If the coronavirus can have one good side, that will be the boredom of being in our own homes. Because of that boring-so-much we then created something with the name of Thrivin’ Magazine now: a collective & media based in Jakarta.

Founded firstly by Frigya Marojahan, and Santi Romarantika, Dimas Aditya joined in to built this media up.

We once went by the name of Poser Archive, but later on we changed it into Thrivin’ Magazine at the same time with the moment we became the part of an one stop entertainment company called PPC Group. Oh, shout out to Vanya Harapan, for coming up with that name.

We cover news & updates of Fashion, Music, Pop Culture & Lifestyle. We also have our Thrivin’ Original such as “Biar Nggak Gabut”, “Malu Bertanya Sesat Dijalan”, “Four by Friday”, “Weekend Wardrobe”, and our podcast-based one, “Coronomy Hustling”. Psst, we got more to come.

We believe that everyone is a know-nothing at first, but we believe it’s our job, as a media, to give them not what they want, but hopefully what they need.

The need to keep relevant with the culture,
The need to keep inspired,
The need to learn something new, even a tiny little thing.
The need to keep on thrivin’

So here we are, to keep you thrive

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